New Paintings!

New paintings just added to the gallery:

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Prints for Sale

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Prints of almost all of my work will be for sale in time for Christmas!

Glicee printing on canvas (hand-signed)Gallery-wrapped, 2-inch deep. Ready to hang!

(order needs to be placed by 12/15 if needed by 12/25):

  • 14×14″ & 12×16″ — $49.95
  • 16×20″ — $78.95
  • 18×24″ — $89.95
  • Larger sizes needed? Just ask.

Some sizing might not be available for all images.

Glicee prints (hand-signed, matted in white, in protective sleeve)

(order needs to be placed by 12/21 if needed by 12/25. Some time restrictions may apply as holiday approaches):

  • 8×10″ (matted: 11×14″) — $25
  • 11×14″ (matted: 16×20″) — $40
  • 12×18″ (matted: 18×24″) — $50
  • Larger sizes needed? Just ask.

Ceramic tiles and coasters. Backed with cork, ready to hang or place on table-top

  • 8×10″ tile — $35
  • 4.25×4.25″ coaster — $12

Some sizing might not be available for all images. You can complete your order through the link:

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New Bic Pen Drawings

A couple new pieces were just added to my gallery. Soon I’ll be posting more from my sketchbook that were done in the same style. Also a few large pieces will follow (but they tend to be time consuming to complete).

"The Escape" Bic ballpoint pen on bristol paper (9x12")

“The Escape” Bic ballpoint pen on bristol paper (9×12″)

"ReAwakened" Bic ballpoint pen on bristol paper (9x12")

“ReAwakened” Bic ballpoint pen on bristol paper (9×12″)

Watercolor Tattoos

Watercolor tattoos are the newest sensation in body art, and for good reason. As tattoos have entered into the mainstream, there has been an increase in styles for every type of person, and tattoos applied in the style of watercolor paint – with its subtleties, lavish colors, and transparencies – can do more to adorn a body than detract from it. It takes a delicate artist to be able to do this medium justice, and I’ve found just a few pieces that have really captured the look of watercolor and ink.

Watercolor leg tattoos

Watercolor chest tattoo

Watercolor arm tattoo. Reminds me of melted crayon art…

Watercolor arm tattoo

Watercolor arm tattoo. They made it look like MARKERS. Wow.

Watercolor arm tattoos

Shoulder tattoo. Looks more like acrylics, but definitely similar to watercolors

I found a lot of these on Buzzfeed; they’ve got quite a selection on their website if you want to find more. Also check out Pinterest, and especially my Pinterest page 🙂


We’re starting out pretty easy. I had begun the 15-Day Drawing Challenge, courtesy of Amanda Wright (Wit & Whistle), about 5 days ago. So I’m on #6, “A Word.” I posted a page out of my sketchbook from a couple of the first ones below. This one is due on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 4th.

#15DayDrawingChallenge – THE CHALLENGE! Draw these things: 1. a pattern 2. an animal 3. your favorite thing to wear 4. something you found on the ground outside 5. recipe instructions 6. a word 7. an insect 8. a cross section 9. an animal doing something only humans can do 10. something in a jar 11. a diagram 12. something you’re afraid of 13. a plant 14. your favorite food 15. something microscopic

I found it on Pinterest, and you can follow my personal Pinterest page HERE. You’ll probably be seeing most of my photo inspiration being pinned before I post them here 😉